*Recognize "blind spots" *Reframe circumstances *Recall innate wisdom

It's easier than you know...

When you...

  • sort out confusion
  • de-clutter thinking
  • recognize trope conditioning
  • shift default patterns, behaviors
  • change beliefs
  • assert sovereignty over your life
  • embrace your Consciousness

You can...

  • improve your health
  • improve your relationships
  • alleviate anxiety and depression
  • overcome fear, worry and doubt
  • gain self-confidence
  • align with new goals
  • experience peace of mind
  • create your life consciously

And bonus!

  • more abundance and prosperity
  • more time, energy for loved ones
  • greater sense of Self
  • more joy, growth, freedom
  • deeper sense of well-being
  • deeper connection to Creation

I create safe space for conversations and discussions that can result in clarity, breakthroughs, peace of mind and miracles. I assist you to get to the root of past, current and ongoing circumstances and conditions, and bring awareness to foundational beliefs that set the stage for patterns of thought, behavior, choice and life experience (Check out Kris's testimony!). In the course of a conversation, a presentation, a podcast or a lecture, I share more than 30 years of personal experience, deeply intimate examples from my own ongoing journey to know my true self, and what I know to be true about the nature and purpose of life.  My life's work is dedicated to the study of the Soul, Spirit and Spiritual Science ~ distilling insights available through those worlds, and synthesizing the wisdom available to us. Through my work, I endeavor to educate, inform, clarify and make practical these wisdom principles, to help myself and others to dissipate obstacles and reveal hidden potential.