LogosPraxis ~ Practical Wisdom

The What-"I don't know what I don't know!"

You deserve to know the whole truth about your Humanity and your consciousness; the Consciousness behind the science and the science that points to the Consciousness, and how your beliefs influence, inform and impact your Mind, Body and Spirit. You are essential to the evolution of Planet Earth, the Universe and Humanity itself. Here at LogosPraxis, the mission is to provide ready access to reliable, trustworthy and experienced guidance, aggregated and distilled through ongoing study, experience and ever-evolving results. As you address the foundation for your life with holistic focus, you will become more conscious and aware, and less susceptible to manipulation, agendas and stress. You will learn how to recognize and tap into your own innate technology, and experience a growing sense of self-empowerment. You will know how to tap into ultimate freedom and live life with greater peace, joy and abundance.

It's easy to learn how to read the signs your Highest Self uses to communicate so that you can course-correct in real time.  That is a tool that can be taught, if you have the desire to exert your sovereignty.

The Why-"I never thought of it that way!"

Why work with a coach or a mentor? If that relationship is accomplished primarily through conversation and connection, why not just talk to a trusted friend or family member? When you want to achieve real and lasting change, you go to an objective third party. A miracle is a shift in perception, so if you want transformation and forward momentum, you seek fresh perspectives (check out Amy's testimonial). This is especially true when the situation involves other people. You see people as you see yourself, and that can lead to conflict, when they aren't behaving as you believe they should. A coach or mentor can help you see your blind spots -- we all have them! Like the blind spot when you are driving your car, you become aware of it when you experience a car accident or near miss. Difficult life circumstances are evidence of a blind spot. Since you aren't fully aware, an experienced guide with no pre-conceived bias or personal agenda can help you see.

Nothing changes, if nothing changes. If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.