Foundational Tools

What do you have in common with entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 CEOs, working moms, single dads, college students, executive assistants, authors, scientists, presidents, librarians, inmates, priests, house painters, artists, fill-in-the-blank? You are a Human Being. And... S-T-R-E-S-S. Stress is everywhere, appearing as problems like unpaid bills, broken relationships, unruly employees, head-strong children, dwindling client lists, shrinking bank accounts, illness, estranged family members, job dissatisfaction, loss of productivity, addictions, heartache, regrettable choices, global pandemics -- the list goes on and on.

You are an ever-evolving Human Being, whether you are aware of that or not. And while your problems, conditions and circumstances are unique to you, the most effective and efficient path to problem-solving and stress reduction is singular, for all Human Beings.

Hear me out. If you can receive this...what you perceive as the problem, is not the problem. And the solution is not what you believe it to be, either. The solution is very simple, so simple that we do not accept it at first. Our mind cannot accept it. "It can't be that simple." 

So that's the first tool. Accept it is simple and that you will have trouble accepting that. Everyone does. This is perfectly normal. You can move forward regardless of your belief, if you choose to.

The second tool is the inner technology which we all possess, as faculties of thought, feeling and will. Human Beings are hard-wired with the requisite inner technology to accomplish clarity and resolution.  Sounds easy, right? Change my thoughts, change my world! There is simplicity in the design, and complexity in the execution.

This wisdom has roots in the realm of Spirit. Ancient wisdom sources reveal that thought and emotion create, and modern science has proven and repeatedly demonstrated that Human thought and emotion organizes the material that comprises our world. We now know that thought and emotion together (that's called a feeling) are magnetic in nature.  The majority of Human Beings on this planet at any given time, are not conscious of this wisdom. 

The key is understanding the purpose of emotions and feelings, the faculty of thought, and the definition and importance of free will. Once you embrace even the most elementary understanding, you can have miracles in your life experience.

The last and final tool is willingness. When you are willing to be open to concepts and ideas that challenge your current state of innocence, then you align with the potential for miraculous solutions and alchemical transformation in your world, individually and collectively.

We are glad you're here.  We look forward to serving you.