Opportunity emerges out of chaos. In times of uncertainty, guidance is available to assist in sorting through the chaos, to change perception, reach clarity and identify innate wisdom. Solutions emerge through changes in perception. 

How does coaching differ from mentoring?

Coaches work with clients on a specific goal or goals. Typically, a coaching relationship lasts between 3 months and 6 months. Coaching appointments can be scheduled according to the clients's needs:

  • Weekly, if there is a specific desired outcome within a defined timeline.
  • Monthly, if the goal is broader and less time-sensitive.
  • Follow ups may be necessary in the short-term.
  • Coaching has a "shelf life," while mentoring can last much longer.

What can I expect from my sessions?

When you invest in coaching, you can expect to receive insights in real-time, through engaged conversation and active listening. Typically, this is information you can integrate into your daily experience to initiate change and improve your life right away.  You can also expect:   

  • Homework to be done independently between sessions
  • Book, movie or writing assignment
  • Other resource recommendations
  • Recording within 48 hours of completed session
  • Sessions can be scheduled weekly or monthly.

Initial Complimentary Consult

60 minutes