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Mary Jo Bull

Alchemical Coach

Wisdom Synthesizer | Spiritual Anthropologist

What Do You Do When You Don't Know What to Do?

Humanity is experiencing an evolutionary moment. Has your world turned upside down? Trusted guidance awaits.

When we *recognize "blind spots," *reframe conditions and circumstances, and *recall innate wisdom, we overcome anxiety, confusion, uncertainty and doubt. Then we can create and allow our best life.

When you...

  • sort out confusion
  • de-clutter thinking
  • recognize trope conditioning
  • release default patterns, behaviors
  • change beliefs
  • assert sovereignty over your life
  • embrace your spiritual nature

You can...

  • improve your health
  • improve your relationships
  • alleviate anxiety and depression
  • overcome fear, worry and doubt
  • gain self-confidence
  • align with new goals
  • experience peace of mind
  • create your life consciously

And bonus!

  • more abundance and prosperity
  • more time, energy for loved ones
  • greater sense of Self
  • more joy, growth, freedom
  • deeper sense of well-being
  • profound connection with Creation

Who am I?  Why am I here?  What should I do?  Where do I go from here?  When is my life going to get better?

As an alchemical coach, I create safe space for conversations and discussions that lead to clarity, breakthroughs, peace of mind and miracles. I assist my fellow human beings to get to the root of past, current and ongoing circumstances and conditions, to bring awareness to foundational beliefs that set the stage for patterns of thought, behavior, choice and life experience. In the course of a conversation, a presentation, a podcast or a lecture, I share more than 20 years of personal experience, deeply intimate examples from my own journey to know my true self, and what I know to be true about the nature and purpose of life.  I am a mystic without a monastery, dedicating a lifetime of study of science and spirituality and dovetailing those worlds, and synthesizing the wisdom available to us. Through my work, I endeavor to educate, inform, clarify and to make practical these wisdom principles, to help myself and others to dissipate obstacles and reveal hidden potential. Our dream life is just one thought away....

"Where am I on my journey?"*

*This is a tool to gauge your current state of understanding.  These are areas we will work on together to help you reach your goals.
The path is not linear ~ more like a spiral, with periodic spurts of growth and plateaus of integration. It's common to move forward and backward.
Progress, not perfection. 

I am aware of "a better way"

  • "Is there more to life?"
  • Reaction vs response
  • Defending, judgement
  • Polarity: Negative vs. Positive
  • Us vs. Them
  • "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best"
  • Curious about 'out there' subjects
  • Painful situations, circumstances and relationships are getting more focused attention: "WHY does this keep HAPPENING to me?"
  • "I just want to be happy"
  • The concept that I create my own reality intrigues me
  • Rising interest in 'taboo' subjects, like crystals, tarot, paranormal phenomena, astrology, numerology, energy healing, UFOs, etc.

I am aware that my consciousness is expanding. I am aware of new sources of information.

  • The Law of Attraction 
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls, Gnostic Gospels or Nag Hammadi Library
  • Self-empowerment vs. blame, shame and guilt
  • Religious or Spiritual?
  • Response vs. REaction
  • Discernment vs. judgment
  • Thoughts become things
  • I attract teachers that resonate with my state of growth and being
  • Feelings are significant, useful
  • I am a Soul with a body vs. I am a body with a Soul
  • Is there Life after Death?
  • Recognition of self-defeating patterns
  • I chose my parents, family of origin, date of birth, race, gender
  • What is Ego?
  • When I say 'I', do I know what I mean?
  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Intuition
  • Reincarnation
  • Thought+feeling=vibration
  • Meditation
  • Default vs. Deliberate
  • All experience serves my connection to Who I Truly Am
  • Unity

I AM a spark of Infinite Intelligence

  • Feelings are an indication of alignment with Infinite Intelligence
  • Total responsibility for my experience
  • I trust my emotional guidance system
  • Body is the master, Mind is the servant
  • Nothing is more important than how I feel
  • Life mirrors myself back to me
  • Unconditional Love means feeling peaceful no matter what is going on around me
  • I attract what I am Being
  • Oneness
  • Deliberate creation
  • Alignment with faith, hope and love


First Time Mentoring Session

Opportunity emerges out of chaos. In times of uncertainty, guidance is available to assist in sorting through the chaos, to change perception, reach clarity and identify innate wisdom. Solutions emerge through changes in perception. Sessions are recorded, and two follow-on questions are included in each paid session.

Returning clients have the option to undertake ongoing mentoring (see below).

$250.00 US

90 minutes

Ongoing Mentoring

Spiritual alchemy has its own rhythm, its own pace, and that is unique to every individual. Returning clients have the option to schedule sessions on a regular basis or as needed.

$175.00 US

60 minutes

Should we work together?

If you would like more clarity on the help you seek ("I feel stuck," "I don't know what to do next," "My life has turned upside down-HELP!"), click on the "Self-Assessment" tab.  Then send me a message through the app below, and let's talk!

Schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation!  In the message section, share a few words about what you would like to accomplish as we work together.


"The gift Mary Jo brings to her teaching is her ability to simplify and ground spiritual truths in a way that enables you to easily understand and integrate them into your life.  Mary Jo is a natural story teller and you'll find her entertaining sense of humor makes her a joy to learn from. Compassionate, patient and to the point, she is a woman who walks her talk and speaks her truth .  I've watched her do it for more than 20 years." 

Susan, Oregon

"I grew up with the belief that my self-worth was only as good as what other people thought of me.  Mary Jo has helped me see how that belief set me up for fear and failure in my life.  With her help, I have accepted that I cannot control what others think of me.  I can, however, control how I react to other people and situations.  More importantly, I am learning to control what I think of myself.  Thanks to Mary Jo, I feel more compassion for myself and more gratitude for the little joys in my life--and a peace in my heart I never dreamed was possible."

Kris, Texas

Mary Jo has been so instrumental in my ability to really tap into the Universe and be truly present. Our conversations have helped guide me in my meditations and because of her guidance, amazing things have come to pass. A few days after one of our recent conversations, I won a major contract for work which helped alleviate some major financial issues I was having. Just simple guidance and shifts in the way you ask and pray for things makes a huge difference. Her wisdom and counsel has been so helpful to me over the years and I truly appreciate her presence in this world! 

Amy, Virginia

I have been a receptive listener since around 2010.  Mary Jo's openness about her own life, explained in ways that are relevant as well as relatable, have so often spoken to my soul.  She has contributed to my spiritual growth in helping me see things in a different way.  Her desire to help others with her compassion and sincerity is evident.  As we are spiritual beings having a physical, human experience, she guides us to remember who we really are. 

Gloria, Oklahoma

My initial introduction with Mary Jo came about 10 yrs ago and that’s how long it’s been since we connected…until recently. Her name came across my desk and I felt compelled to reach out as I was struggling with a quandary I felt she would have keen insight for. I was not mistaken or disappointed. Mary Jo graciously and generously gave of her time for a phone chat that was truly helpful and quite frankly, relieving. Though much time had passed since we had connected, she was as kind and empathetic as I remember her to be and perhaps more importantly, even more insightful. Mary Jo has much to share and teach through her own experiences with this material. She is patient in helping others understand what initially feels foreign to all that we have been taught, and truly interested in helping others. Resonant with the saying ‘When the student is ready the teacher will appear’, I’m grateful to have reconnected with Mary Jo and do not consider it a coincidence.

Lisa, Maryland

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About Mary Jo...

The Early Years
For as long as I can remember, as early as 6 years old, I lived in a consistent state of fear and anxiety, which continued well into middle age. Fear and anxiety became my default settings from childhood onward. Over time, I adapted and I learned to live with it.

My Wake Up Call
At the age of 27, I experienced my "wake up" call, a devastating event in my personal life. This was a betrayal so painful, it led to the questioning and then crumbling of what had always been my bedrock, which for me was my religious foundation in the Roman Catholic Church. It also led to my first inkling that I could think for myself if I chose to. As it happened, that took a while.

Breaking the Ancestral "Chain of Pain"
Six years later, I gave birth to my daughter. This amplified my awareness of an opportunity to break this chain of pain and fuel any hope I had to give her a chance at a different experience, a different inheritance. It opened me up to new thoughts, new perceptions and, most significantly, new mentors and teachers.

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher(s) Will Appear
What I learned through those teachers and mentors and their books, workshops and websites, about the purpose of thoughts and emotions, moved me to reassert my sovereignty over those faculties. I personalized, applied and integrated this new information and, more to the point, I began to see different results. Self- actualization and personal healing is my passion and my obsession. I have been on a mission for almost two decades to help myself and others to reach a deeper understanding of the faculties of thought and emotion, to ease their anxiety, overcome fear and experience more joy and freedom...even miracles.

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow
Over time, I recognized the benefit of paying heed to my emotions, rather than ignoring them or powering through. I was correlating my inner environment with my current, in-the-moment focus of thought. I made the connection between my fearful and anxious thoughts and the feeling of  fear and anxiety. The other end of the emotional spectrum also became clear to me -- my happy, optimistic thoughts resulted in a feeling of hope and joy. That revelation was intensely liberating.

The outer circumstances of my life began to improve immediately.  Why?  Because I chose to do something different. As the wise adage says, "Nothing changes if nothing changes." I chose to become conscious of and about my thoughts. I chose to pay attention to how I felt in the moment and to take that moment to raise my awareness of what I'd been thinking about, rather than continue to experience life on auto pilot, in a consistent state of reaction  based in fear, self-loathing and lack of self esteem. When I GOT that my emotional response to a relationship, circumstance or condition, was not ABOUT that relationship, circumstance or condition -- it was my THOUGHTS about those elements that were causing me to feel fearful and anxious. It was a true epiphany.

My Mission
When I made how I felt THE most important thing in my life, I became happier and more peaceful.  Subsequently, most of those relationships, circumstances or conditions that do not align with my SELF-CARE desire to BE peace, BE happy, fell away of their own volition, and those were replaced by relationships, conditions and circumstances that do align with my SELF-CARE desire to BE  peace, BE happy.  As I became a more peaceful, more expanded Human Being, I was able to give more to those relationships and to others who were also seeking peace and freedom.

Do You Want to Short-Cut Your Journey?
I am a woman on a mission -- a mission to help myself and any other of my fellow humans, to understand the TRUTH of the POWER that is always available to us, through our EMOTIONS, THOUGHTS and BELIEFS; to understand how to use the power of BELIEF, THOUGHT and EMOTION (in THAT order), to live a life full of freedom and growth and expansion.  

Growing up and coming into adulthood, I never planned on doing any of this. But I had that wake up call, and I cannot stop.

I am an uplifter at the core of my being.

And I am here to assist those who desire to live a life of freedom and growth and expansion.