How To Navigate Through Changing Times

April 19, 2020

By Mary Jo Bull, Speaker, Coach, Guide

There are many levels of experience for our human family as we witness a global pandemic, like the Spanish Flu of 1918 and the Corona Virus of 2019-2020. Many feel personally overwhelmed, while others say nothing has changed much for them -- some even cry "hoax!"  Make no mistake, though, the consciousness of every human being on this planet is impacted by this global event -- we are all a part of collective consciousness and what impacts one impacts the whole. Remember Roger Bannister? At the 1952 Olympic games in Helsinki, Finland, Bannister was the first runner ever to break the 4-minute mile. Before then, it was widely believed that it was not possible to run a 4-minute mile, let alone break that time. What was even more interesting was the number of runners who also broke the 4-minute mile. What impacts one, impacts the whole.

 We choose how to participate  -- will you be a hapless victim or a conscious avatar? 

No matter what our current circumstances look like, if we are at the very least willing, to accept (1) that there is purpose in everything we experience in life, and (2) that we have the option to tap into the purpose of growth, freedom and joy, then we can shift from the outward focus on fear, uncertainty and insecurity, to the inner focus on trust, hope and creation. We can spend time cultivating a sense of self and a sense of well-being.

What will you choose?


I can help you reframe your thinking, recognize your blind spots, and recall innate wisdom, to reclaim your  personal power and reorient your focus to align with peace, health and abundance.

Mary Jo Bull, Speaker, Coach, Guide