Working with MJ

When you enter a coaching or mentoring relationship with Mary Jo Bull, you'll have the opportunity to leapfrog over years of personal research and study, trial and error. Coaching and Mentoring are both confidential relationships between one who is seeking to understand and improve their life, and one who is willing to share the experience, wisdom and guidance they have personalized along the path. These relationships require mutual commitment to transparency, "digging deep," vulnerability and active listening.

The Coach or Mentor commits to creating a safe and sacred space for these conversations to occur. 

MJ has access to diverse wisdom paths, such as science, philosophy, religion, spiritual principles, esoterica, etc., developed and nurtured through decades of personal study and work with her own teacher. In her years of experience with clients, she has consistently demonstrated her unique ability to synthesize disparate resources into practical and grounded wisdom. MJ relies on a unique set of skills of discernment, intuition and vision to recognize and translate the optimal essence of the new perspective that can unlock a renewed sense of flow and well-being for her clients. She is able to dovetail the information with the client's current state of receptivity, so they can best "hear" alternative perceptions of circumstances, conditions and relationships. And this leads to an alchemical moment for her clients, dissipating blocks and relict concepts and beliefs, allowing for new inspiration and true well-being to resume to its natural flow, and circumstances and conditions to resolve themselves for the better.

Even today, MJ continues her life-long independent study and pursuit of wisdom and knowledge, and brings that information into sessions in real time, driven by her own innate desire to experience a better, more abundant and joyous life, and with the intention that her clients will experience the same.